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Roof Replacement

Our process after we have a signed contract with you: 


  • Pre-Construction Meeting - confirms the proper installation with the Production Manager.

  • Obtain Necessary Building Permits - makes sure the job meets all local building codes, avoids unnecessary cost of corrective construction.

  • Confirm Proper Materials Delivered - makes sure we're installing what you have requested, allows job to start and proceed on schedule, and assures the material is not damaged.

  • Check Weather Forecast - prevents interior water damage caused from unexpected storms.



Our experienced and dedicated employees are your best line of defense to diagnose the problem and make effective roof leak repairs. When you call Creative Roofing, you're not setting a mere sales appointment for a ‘one size fits all’ fix.  We do a  thorough inspection and offer you a variety of options.  We’ll help you find the best solution for your safety and budget.


Creative Roofing provides emergency roof repairs during inclement weather to help our customers minimize interior damage to their home and its contents.  Often times, homeowners endure excessive leakage and interior damage until the storm passes thinking that nothing can be done while it is raining. Our staff is willing to brave the weather and do whatever is possible to help protect your home. We are experts in wind storm damage and leaks caused by wind driven rain. 

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